Opening Statement For Minimum Wage Essay

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Opening Paragraph, Thesis Statement: Throughout these long meetings being held and every one making their case as to why minimum wage should be increased; the President and the Executive Branch wants to raise the minimum wage to make sure everyone could make ends meet, Congress and the Legislative Branch has explained that it is time for minimum wage to be raised because it has not moved in seven years to this date, and the Supreme Courts and the Judicial Branch has denied the opportunity to even look into the case that has already been decided on.

Main Idea – Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court denied to even look into the minimum wage case, therefore leaving minimum age as is.
Supporting Detail: The Supreme Court decided not to even look into the case where the home health care workers to be paid overtime was upheld.
Supporting Detail: The system insist that case that the case was in control by the fair Labor standard Act.
Supporting Detail: It was stated that home health care workers should be paid overtime if the worker gives help to the elderly at the home.

Main Idea – Legislative Branch: It has
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At $7.25 an hour and roughly $13,000 per year, it is hard to manage with the expense of everything going up on a daily now. But that is where we have our branches of government to come in and make things better or at least put up a fair argument as to why minimum wage should be increased. The President, Barack Obama has addressed the issue and has fought to raise minimum wage to make sure that people are able to make ends meet. Congress and the legislative branch have decided that the minimum wage should be increased because it has not been increased in seven years to this date and we are trying to make America a better place. Finally, the Supreme Courts have denied the fact of looking into a case where the rule for home health care workers and their wages are to stay in
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