Opening a New Business in Denmark: Why Choosing This Nation Is a Good Decision

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Opening a New Business in Demark: Why Choosing This Nation Is A Good Decision Denmark's many natural resources, proximity to distribution centers and the ability to act as a centralized logistics hub, in addition to its economic and political stability, make this nation one of the best to launch a new business in. It is also based on a constitutional monarchy with a judicial system that is comparable to the U.S. in that there are three branches of government. There is an executive, legislative and judicial branch of the government, acting with comparable balance of power as the U.S. as well. All of these elements of their governmental structure make the country one of the most open to Foreign Direct Investment as well (Atkins, 2012). The country is currently indexing is currency, the Danish krone, to the European Union euro. This has led to the stabilization of their balance of payments throughout Europe, and also opened up the opportunity for the country to join the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) (Atkins, 2012). The country's leaders voted against it, citing their relative strength to the weakness of other EU nations, and the potential that their economy could be adversely affected by too much shared debt. Their insights were prescient, as the current economic state of the EU shows. Denmark has been able to mitigate the effects of the debt crisis in Europe by taking a more measured, controlled approach to how much of their currency the lend to struggling

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