Opening case pinterest Essay

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Melanie Ferreira
Assignment OIS

Opening case: Pinterest

1. Knowledge: Do you consider Pinterest a form of disruptive or sustaining technology?

Disruptive technology is a new way of doing something that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers. This type of technology tends to open new markets and destroy old ones. While, a sustaining technology produces an improved product that customers are eager to buy. This technology provides better, faster and cheaper products on established markets.
I think that Pinterest is a sustaining technology. Indeed, it’s a social network like Facebook or twitter but the system it’s not the same so this website improved the market of the social media.

2. Comprehension:
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All the users can really interact with others, the can talk bout a brand or a product.
The revenue model is based on advertising fees that generate revenue to the company. Pinterest uses images directly linked to the retailers website and uses banner ads too. Pinterest allows retailers to put adds on the website in exchange of money.

4. Analysis: What is open source software and how could Pinterest take advantage of it?

Open source software is software with a source code available free. That’s means that any third party doesn’t have to pay fees to review or modify it. The Web 2.0 counts on that. Users don’t have to pay fees to enter on the website. They can visually communicate without paying anything. Pinterest take advantage of it because people want to share and communicate about their passion, interest of favorite brands. But people will to do that is they had to pay for it. So Pinterest give to them a platform to express them. They are able to drive traffic because it’s free and open source.

5. Synthesis: Create a plan for how a start-up company could take advantage of Web 3.0 and generate the idea for the next great website that is similar to Pinterest.

The web 3.0 is the future generation of the web, the Internet more “intelligent”. The future computer will can understand and analyze relationship. Plus, they will be able to analyze a request like “I want to go to the theater and go after eat
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