Opening the Immigration Gates of the United States Essay

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Opening the Immigration Gates of the United States It has been a long debated topic whether or not America should continue to let immigrants enter the country. Often, the immediate response would be to withhold more immigrants to come in since there are many existing immigrants already living everywhere around the United States. But the truth is that the immigrants who come in are undoubtedly helping America much more than they harm it. Examples of how the immigrants help would be the economy becoming more powerful, diverse culture, more variety, and even creating job opportunities. By maintaining an open gate for immigrants, the benefits that they bring will definitely outweigh the problems which will create a greater…show more content…
Taking New York as an example, we can see that the food there ranges from Indian food to Greek food. There is a Chinatown, Little Italy, and Japan town. Immigrants who brought their culture to be a part of America created many of these food towns and restaurants. In addition to the variety that the immigrants bring to America, they also contribute to the powerful economy. First of all, many immigrants who come to the United States often bring an exorbitant amount of money to invest. The investments create new job opportunities by starting new businesses, thus strengthening the economy. Silicon Valley was partly created by immigrants who went there to start their own businesses. Jerry Yang who was an immigrant from Taiwan founded the company, Yahoo. Now, Yahoo is considered to be one of the most prosperous Internet companies. Statistics support the fact that businesses founded by immigrants are frequently successful. Lastly, America has been claimed to be ‘The land of opportunity’. People who go there are offered chances which would be limited in some other countries. There are possibilities such as starting a business, working for an existing business, or going to school. In order for America to live up to their name, they have an obligation to accept immigrants who would like to have the chance to become successful. But one may argue that at sometime a line must be drawn to limit the number of immigrants. Otherwise
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