Opening the Lines of Communication in Healthcare

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Why are the lines of communication in a presumably united interdisciplinary team so strained? More importantly, what effect does this have on patient care? Since there are many physical and intangible barriers that distort messages, assertive communication among doctors, nurses, and patients is vital in providing sound patient care. Ineffective Communication among Physicians and Nurses
Poor communication within the healthcare team has a negative impact on how nurses implement patient care. According to Schmalenberg and Kramer (2009), the manner in which nurses and physicians interact and communicate is important because this correlates directly with the quality of care given to patients (p. 74-83). Nurses are an essential component of the healthcare team because they are the patient’s advocate, constantly at the bedside, and most significantly the first ones to find any emergent crises in the patient’s medical condition. If physicians do not listen to what nurses have to say, they are not only shutting down the nurse; they are essentially shutting down the patient, whose best interests are advocated by the nurse when the patient is incapable of doing so. Second, nurses are constantly at the bedside of their patients usually for twelve hours a day. In contrast, physicians can have dozens of patients throughout the…
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