Openness in Communication

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Openness in Communication
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Marie - Characteristics of Openness – A&B1
Openness is believing in my goodness and the goodness of my spouse, and trusting that my spouse loves and accepts me as I am. It is important to me to know that Tommy accepts me for who I am. He believes in me, which in turn makes me believe in myself. When I know that he truly accepts me for me, it makes it easier for me to reveal my true feelings to him. Openness is based on trust, which comes from ongoing sharing with one another. I share more than my surface feelings, reactions and thoughts. A lot of times the way I feel on the outside, and the way I look to others might not be how I am really feeling. It is important for me to share my true feelings
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I decided to buy Marie a car for Valentine’s Day, and I really wanted her to have something that she would really love. So we went shopping, and about 3 dealerships in, we end up at the Ford dealership. Marie sees this mint green mustang, 2 door convertible, and completely fell in love with the car. Despite the fact that she was told about the poor gas mileage, the insurance increase, and the price…she still was dead set on getting this car. In this situation I have to sit back and hope that Marie makes the right decision, and in the end she did. After I told her how hard it would be to put a baby in the back seat of a 2 door car, she finally came to her senses and we ended up buying her a much more sensible car. I am glad that I didn’t tell Marie no to getting the car, because then she would be driving a Mustang now just to spite me.
Marie B (Rules Page 21) Arguing fairly is one way to deal with differences and communicate more effectively. Arguing can be healthy or destructive, depending on what we say and how we say it, whether we choose to destroy each other and our relationship. Tommy and I don’t always argue fairly. I always tend to save containers, like the plastic ones that your lunch meat comes in. I keep them in case I want to send someone home with some food or something, and that way I don’t have to worry about remembering to get my Tupperware back, which never happens anyway. So I put all of my saved containers away in the
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