Operant Behavior Analysis

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This article defined the main accounts of antecedent processes in operant behavior, it presented a theoretical review of applied research on antecedent events in behavior disorders, and lastly it recognized some promising areas for upcoming studies. The article talks about three theorists and their theories. These theorists include Skinner, Kantor, and Michael. Skinner is known for his reinforcement theory, however, he had writings of the environmental settings under which behavior may occur. Differential reinforcement of responding in the presence of discriminative stimuli is how Skinner believed stimulus control over behavior is developed. Discrimination describes a certain functional relationship between antecedent events, behavior, and consequences that deliveries to a variety of circumstances. With this said, variables that are separate from the accessibility of reinforcement may also affect the probability that behavior will happen. Skinner offered several processes to…show more content…
Kantor presented a theoretical system that accounted for complexities in human behavior. Kantor proclaimed that the normal methods of behavior analysis could not cover to complex human behavior. He disapproved of behavior analysts for not searching intensely enough into the nature of stimuli. Kantor proposed an alternative system, but it is also unfinished pending more extensive analysis of functional relationships. Michael has provided the clearest and most detailed articulation of the term establishing operation. Establishing operation (EO) temporarily adjusts the reinforcing effectiveness of some other object or event, and it can either increase or decrease the effectiveness of a given form of reinforcement. The article includes the assessment of antecedents. Talks about approaches such as identifying and cataloging the range of environmental conditions that are connected with unwelcome behaviors in the natural environment is a way to evaluate antecedent
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