Classroom Observation Essay

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The first way that behavior perspective, learning is incorporated in the classroom is through operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a type of learning that encourages behavior by having reinforcements to follow that behavior. Through my observations I saw how student’s behaviors are more operant rather than respondents. For example, the students in my classroom have learned when there are in the whole group environment they must raise their hands quietly when there are ready to talk and teacher often responses with a positive reinforcement by calling on them to speak. If the students don’t raise their hands or are talking when isn’t their time to talk my cooperating teacher uses negative punishment µ, by saying “I only call on students who raise their hands when they are ready to talk” or by not calling on that particular student until they stopping. Another way is when the students are working on math worksheets the students understand to raise their hands when they are complete with their assignment. When the student’s hands are raised either my cooperating teacher and I go correct their work by giving it a star signifying they move on to assignment or we circle particular problems the students need to further work on. If my teacher feels like the students have worked really hard on the assignments regardless if they all finished she often will remove the blue remember worksheets on Friday and let them play math games on the iPad. A cue or prompt that my

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