Operant Vs. Operant Conditioning

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Operant Learning Model Operant conditioning is best described as the process that attempts to modify behavior through the use of positive and negative reinforcement. During this process the subject you are working with either animal or human learns to perform a specific task, through the use of positive or negative reinforcement (Chance, 2014). This model is best suited for teaching Ben the appropriate behavior as it relates to stealing. Operant conditioning will be used to teach Ben not to steal; this will be supported by the use of positive reinforcers. In order for this to be effective Ben should be placed on a continuous reinforcement schedule; consisting of positive reinforcements. These should be age appropriate; these reinforcers are verbal praise and 30 minutes of television (Cartoon Network); this will be rewarded only if he does not engage in stealing. No forms of punishment will be used on Ben; although punishment has an immediate effect it does not teach a lesson. With operant learning Ben will learn to decrease his negative behavior and engage in positive actions.
Aggression with Spanking By nature children are naturally inclined to mock or imitate things that within their environment. This why parents and or caregivers must be careful what we do and expose children to. This is no different when it comes to learning and or discipline. Punishment creates fear, aggression and most importantly the punished behavior is never forgotten; it lays dormant and has…
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