Operas of Mozart Don Giovanni Essay

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Donna Anna, Donna Elvira & Zerlino
Mozart's Don Giovanni

The choice of the “Three women of Don Giovanni” can give a good understanding of the type of music which was used to create an opera in the 18th century Italy. The opera buffa was a comic opera with a funny story line and light music. Mozart wrote at different levels. In order to have full understanding of the women's roles, it is necessary to understand the social context of women in the 18 century. In Kristi Brown's Mozart's Women she compared Donna Anna to a misfortunate Spanish maiden. It was very common for composers to take the style of where they were living at the time and write in that genre of music. Donna Anna was daughter who was to be married. The role was
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His wife would forgive him for his philander with servant girls but not with "educated or artistic"(Stafford 119) (Paumgartner, Mozart, 273). As this showed the sexual freedom of the 18th century Italy, it was quite common to have extra marital affairs for both men and women. Discretion was the only rule that was demanded by the upper society to which Don Giovanni never adhered. Donna Elvira had a love-hate relationship with him. He would not have been able to access her rooms.

Donna Anna would have had a "waiting room" with a man servant or her lady in-waiting attending to her. It would have been highly unlikely that she, who had a fiancé, put herself in a position of having truly been violated. This is where Mozart is making the point of a woman having to put on social graces. Donna Anna shows her intelligence in her coming down in a fury and singing in the duet with Don Octavio "how she wants revenge". (Act I) It was not a physical affront, it was an affront to her intellectual dignity that he should be able to reach her inner sanctuary. In a more symbolic interpretation, perhaps Mozart was doubting Donna Anna as a bride or maybe the opposite. Mozart liked a strong, intelligent woman who set the rules. Donna Anna will not get married until Don Octavio revenges her father. He shows himself to be weaker than she is. This is usually the role of the man, but Mozart reverses the male role as a female role which is a theme he often
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