Operating Room Communication Essay

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Communication is defined as giving or exchanging of information through verbal methods, written methods and body-language or nonverbal methods (Blais & Hayes, 2016). As a nurse in the operating room, it is important to understand all of these methods. The main focus in the operating room is to make sure that all team members understand their roles and are familiar with the different methods of communication being used. An important part of my role, is to be able to anticipate and understand what the surgeon or surgical tech may be needing or asking for. When I was training as a circulating nurse, an educator once told me that in order to be an effect circulator, you need to “have an ear to the field at all time”. What she meant was that even though you may be performing a task, charting or having a conversation with another team member, I must always listen to what is happening at the surgical field and be able to understand what is being …show more content…

The surgical team’s performance depends on open dialogue and an understanding of each member’s role. (Gillespie, Gwinner, Chaboyer & Fairweather, 2013). In this study, participants were asked a series of questions and their answers were then analyized. It was determined that the ability for team members to build shared understandings through open verbal communication is crucial to enhance performance within the surgical suite. In my experience, open communication is the key to being successful as a circulator in the operating room. Patient outcomes become better when open communication is used between all parties from the schedulers to the staff in the rooms. Without proper clarification through verbal, written and nonverbal communications, the incorrect procedure could be performed on the incorrect

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