Operating Room Management System ( Orms )

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infections (Mowbray et al. 2013). For the intraoperative cholangiogram, the scrub team stood behind the x-ray shield, and the rest of the team, wore lead apron, to protect them from radiation during x-ray.
Documents are vital medico legal necessities for nursing practice, that provides verification of care which the patient received (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCH) 2014). It contains all nursing care received including assessment, planning ,implementation and evaluation. Documents must also include data about the surgical count and surgical safety checklist, as proof of completion. Ensure all the document are accurate, legible and clear. All documents should be signed and dated by the person who documented it. (ACORN Standard Position Statement documentation). Correct documentation assists in comprehensive clinical communication . Through Operating Room Management System (ORMS), apt reflection of nursing care, condition changes, personnel present during procedure and care plan are collected electronically, enabling to provide great care due to sufficient knowledge (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCH) 2014).
The removed gallbladder was placed in a 10% formalin solution, to uphold the integrity of the specimen. It was labeled with patient’s name, date of birth, medical record number, surgeon, healthcare facility, type of specimen and date and time of specimen collection. This data was verified by the same scrub and scout nurses, for consistency and in…
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