Operating System Called Os / 2

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Alongside the development of the growing Microsoft Empire there was another operating system called OS/2. OS/2 was first worked on by both Microsoft and IBM, but then was just taken over by IBM. At the beginning OS/2 was a better OS then the new Microsoft competitor running faster and crashing less often. But this quickly changed as Microsoft jumped ahead in the competition. The first version of OS/2 was released in December 1987. When OS/2 was released the GUI wasn’t even ready. This was bad due to the fact that Microsoft and Apple already had nice looking GUI’s. When OS/2 was released though it did have some advantages over it competitor DOS, “It could multitask its own applications, and each application would have a modicum of protection from the others thanks to the 286’s memory management facilities” (Reimer, 2013, pg. 2). There were also problems with OS/2 though with the high prices of ram at the time the 3mb of ram need to run OS/2 would cost $1000. This was a problem because you could also buy windows 2.0 and run it with 1MB of ram witch was a cheaper solution. This made it hard for the market of OS/2 to get off the ground. With Microsoft looking to release windows 3.0 IBM looked to purchase the rights to DOS and help Microsoft campaign the new version this is when things got ugly for Microsoft and IBM. Microsoft refused the deal and IBM did not like this they split the rights of OS/2 right down the middle giving half the rights to Microsoft and the other half to…
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