Operating System Called Os / 2

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Alongside the development of the growing Microsoft Empire there was another operating system called OS/2. OS/2 was first worked on by both Microsoft and IBM, but then was just taken over by IBM. At the beginning OS/2 was a better OS then the new Microsoft competitor running faster and crashing less often. But this quickly changed as Microsoft jumped ahead in the competition. The first version of OS/2 was released in December 1987. When OS/2 was released the GUI wasn’t even ready. This was bad due to the fact that Microsoft and Apple already had nice looking GUI’s. When OS/2 was released though it did have some advantages over it competitor DOS, “It could multitask its own applications, and each application would have a modicum of…show more content…
IBM was now looking to release the new version of OS/2 1.3. OS/2 1.3 was released in 1991 to and ok success, this was kind of due to the decline of ram prices and the fact that the version of OS/2 used less ram, But by the time OS/2 1.3 was released Microsoft windows 3.0 had begun snagging up the market. With its lower price and its similar look to OS/2 on the surface people loved it. With the fact that OS/2 was manly sold on the PS/2 computer it made OS/2 even less popular. With the development of the clone computers and the fact the most clones then wear sold with Windows 3.0, IBM was losing in the operating system race and they were losing bad. IBM then tried again by releasing OS/2 2.0 in April of 1992. A month before the launch Microsoft had launch Windows 3.1, it was now a race with Microsoft to produce a better operating system. OS/2 2.0 was IBMS 32-bit operating system, but still contained lot of 16-bit code form the old system. OS/2 big new future was that everything was object oriented. These objects could be manipulated, meaning they could be dragged and dropped, copied, and shredded. The new OS also add support to the second mouse button making a drop down menu appear when clicked. This is just like todays modern days OS that perform the same task then the right mouse button is clicked. OS/2 2.0 also had another big feature being able to run DOS, windows and OS/2 1.x applications plus it could use 32-bit software. It ran these applications by using Virtual
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