Operating System and Network Administration Essay

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The Role of Operating Systems and Network Administration in the IS Curriculum D. Robert Adams and Carl Erickson Grand Valley State University Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Allendale, MI 49401 USA Abstract The reliance by companies of all sizes on information technology creates strong demand for system and network administration jobs. Information System majors will increasingly find themselves with opportunities and responsibilities in these areas. However, teaching operating systems and networking to information systems major presents many challenges. We have developed a model for teaching these topics to information systems majors in the context of operating system and network administration. This…show more content…
Students learn to evaluate, select, and implement different communication options within an organization... architectures, topologies and protocols; installation and operation of [network devices], ... network performance analysis; privacy, security, reliability ... installation and configuration of LAN and WAN networks; monitoring of networks" Although the current curriculum standard suggests two courses, we feel that in the context of administration, operating systems and networking should be taught in a single course. We justify a single course by the fact that modern operating systems are tightly coupled with networking, and that administration of a "computer system" involves both operating system and networking issues. We have developed a course consistent with the current curriculum standards, while at the same time raising the profile of the role of IS majors in system and network administration. Our course teaches the fundamental principles of operating systems and networks, but with a decidedly information systems slant. The course is a marriage of traditional computer science theory with practical hands-on experience. With this paper, we hope to achieve several goals. First, we hope to raise awareness of the need for network administration. Second, we hope to demonstrate the need for an academic course in
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