Operating Systems And The Operating System

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Operating systems play important roles in the business by bridging the communication between software and hardware. The operating system “It manages the hardware and software resources of the system. In a desktop computer, these resources include such things as the processor, memory, disk space and more” (Franklin; Coustan, 2000) and it is a“ stable, consistent way for applications to deal with the hardware without having to know all the details of the hardware.”(Franklin; Coustan, 2000) These are the functions of the operating system in the simplest form. These two features provide the user the ability to interface different types of software, evolve the operating systems functions to suit their needs, and perform complex interactions with ease.
Without the operating system, it would be difficult to bridge the communication the basic computer resources with the numerous applications that a business requires for daily functions. Because the operating system plays an enormous role in computer systems, the security of the operating systems is crucial for the enterprise. "A compromise of the underneath operating system will indeed expose the danger to any application running in the system. Lack of proper control and containment of execution of individual applications in an operating system may lead to attack or break-in from one application to other applications.”(Yang, 2003) There are numerous paths that a business can travel down to maintain a secure operating system…
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