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Throughout the industry of fast-food, there were so many organisations which gained power and title for them, such as McDonald, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pizza Domino, etc. In the list of these successful fast-food organisations, KFC is also one of the best organisation which gained their title and power for more than 80 years. KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants and first established known as Yum! Brands. However, the organisation name has been change since 1952. Until now, KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken is the third largest fast-food organisation in the world. KFC has more than 14,000 outlets and in more than 80 countries around the world, serving about 12 million customers each day. (KFC Franchise Opportunity, 2007)
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By applying the operating process, KFC’s staffs welcomes customers and receive their order with friendly smile and good communication, the customer will feel more attractive and happy. Moreover, with quickly food service because of good process design, customer can faster enjoy their meal. Through that, the customers will have a good point about KFC and believe that KFC has good labor skill and management. As the result, customer will come back again to KFC rather than choosing other fast food restaurant.
In addition, with faster food serving for customers, KFC can reduce time in their ‘delivery’ process and enhance their speed in processing also.

KFC inventory can only be seen as the storage material areas. Because, since KFC was a fast-food restaurant, they don’t have wide range of product and also their sales is limit for each day. By that reason, KFC cannot store their old food in any warehouse. Nevertheless, inventory here can be seen as the storage material room where the restaurants store their raw material such as chicken meat, potato, ketchup, etc.

The third building block was the capacity of KFC which means where they should locate their restaurant in order to achieve their strategic goal in business and in order for good operating management. There are some factors that influence the location of KFC on the world. * The first factor to concern is the ‘proximity to

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