Operation A Medium Size Hotel Locating At Suburb Of Melbourne

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Task 2 Part 1 Introduction We are operation a medium size hotel locating in suburb of Melbourne. The hotel has 315 rooms 1 restaurant with 1 fitness club. The total staffs are 220 persons. The hotel has been operating for 5years without any crisis or serious threats to the hotel, staff or guests. Although we are medium and local operated, the hotel has standard of procedure for risk management which has been applied since the opening. However, due to the changes in threats in the present, such as terrorists or natural disasters, the management wants to revise the risk management and the standard of operation for safety practice. 1. The source is Local crisis management plan, designed for medium size hotel to cover possible emergency or…show more content…
• The gives a point of contact, responsibilities of each area, equipments, knowledge and information for handling situation. Weakness • The plan focuses on highly serious damages to the hotel with a small possibility to happen. It should extend more to events that they are serious case but more chance to occur such as guest accident or illness. • The plan is not well communicated to every staff and limited to the management. • There is no recheck procedure that the preventive actions according to the plan are regularly performed. • Sometimes the job safety training is different from the plan. This causes confusion to staff when risks really happen. • The plan focuses on how to handle situation but is limited to the control procedures and preventive measures. 4. The objective is to create a coordinated and effective approach to risks and crisis situation, utilizing maximum resources and trained staff, allowing the normal business of the hotel to continue with minimal interruption. 5. The plan is developed as part of the business plan and is framed to comply with the local law. The plan is based on the principles of; timely and accurate threat assessment, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, reliable communication and reporting procedure, pre planned and administrative support and maintenance of the security of operations. 6. The organization considers these risks as highly
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