`` Operation Chocolate Chip Has Been Declared A Success? Essay

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July 16, 2011. After many hours of preparation, Operation Chocolate Chip has been officially declared a success. Upon a subtle head turn of the enemy – my brother – the target, codename C.O.O.K.I.E., was successfully acquired! Now I enjoy the spoils of my endeavor and toast to victory! Think about this paragraph for a moment. Does something seem awry? Does it seem as if the whole story is not being told? Does it seem biased toward one side of the story? In actuality, it is a journal entry from 7th grade when I documented stealing a cookie from my younger brother. However, my account, one of delectable success and triumph, is drastically different from my brother’s, a tale of unfair exploitation. Both accounts are somewhat accurate and somewhat flawed, yet neither tell the unadulterated truth of the situation. Neither answer the essential question: What really happened? In the same way, events of the past are often written and passed down from the point of view of the “victors” and “losers” resulting in very biased and often inaccurate retellings (class notes). That’s where history comes into the picture. A historian who spoke to my youth group defined history very well explaining that, “The past is everything that happened before the present. History is what is known about the past.” Yet, since records of the past are often written by biased “victors” and “losers” history often tends to be biased as well. As will be seen with history textbooks, this can result in
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