Operation Deception : Media Release Effectiveness

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Operation Deception: Media Release Effectiveness

Mark Miller

Dr. Kirvan
16 June, 2015

Audience This confidential report is written for upper level Taliban leadership and is presented by Mark Miller, Taliban media agent.

Introduction This report discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Operation Deception, a completed maneuver. Taliban operatives purposed Operation Deception to stage a fake military attack on civilians and use a media alert as a tool to blame the attack on the United States.

Background The Taliban has been fighting the righteous fight to reclaim Afghanistan since the American 's unlawful invasion of 2001. Opposition to the United States and the current Afghan Ghani administration will continue until the Taliban is restored to power and leadership of Afghanistan. The Taliban recognizes the need to utilize all available methods to fight the Americans. The lives of the Infidels are a blight on the world and must be removed through any means necessary. Removing the infidels is a process requiring time and stratagem. The Taliban are using deception and propaganda as tools of stratagem. According to Allen Dulles, ?Deception is as old as history? and the need and use of deception techniques have been noted in military writing as far back as Sun Tzu (Bennet 2007,1). Jowett and O?Donnell define propaganda in their book Propaganda and Persuasion as a ?deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions,…
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