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Slide 1. Inventory Management ( ALZAM )

Gd evening everyone, my name is ALZAM. Today my group members and I will be presenting our case study on inventory management. Let me introduce my group members, Jefren, Jerrick, Alan, Victor and Kelvin. Our presentation will last abt 20 mins

Slide 2. Introduction (ALZAM)

Let me start off by introducing inventory management. Its part of Supply Chain Management that contain systems and processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. It is important not only maintaining the inventory accuracy and level but also required to achieve customer satisfaction level and minimize the inventory carrying cost will not be easy task. Our main objective is to highlight to everyone,
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From there onwards, Dell start to grow and improve.

Now, I’ll pass to ( ) to find out in the 90s, what had caused the problems.

Slide 5. Problem arising ( )

Do you know that whenever there’s an increase in demand or sales, inventory cost may also increased? This is to fulfill the customer services level and fill order rate. On this slide, you’ll see how high inventory from Dell come abt. Its design a PC using proprietary components and reduce it instruction set computer (RISC)chips, all these lead to oversupplied in its warehouse.
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Slide 6. Problem Arising ( )
To further affix to the high inventory, Dell also found out that the rapid changes in Technogies, will kill it company one day. Reason due to computer loses it value too fast, and it’ll causes huge liabilities to hold inventory. And when forecast is wrong, Michael Dell will have to write off. Dell finally comes out with 5 business strategies model to follow.

I’ll closed the problem here, and hand over to ( ). To talk abt solution

Slide 7. Solution ( )

Dell uses these 5 key strategies to integrates, improve its inventory and gain more profit.
I’ll pass on to ( ) for
Slide 8. Solution ( )

First, Rapid time to volume, from this, we know that Michael Dell strategies game is to cut short the lead time to meet the

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