Operation Finding Nemo: A Conspiracy Essay examples

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I was watching Finding Nemo with my girlfriend, who is quite the Latin buff, when she said, “Did you know that “nemo” means “no one” or “nothing” in Latin?” That one little question sparked what I like to call “Operation Finding Nemo: A Conspiracy.” Together, we psychoanalyzed Pixar’s Finding Nemo and discovered the hidden meaning behind what appears to be a loving father/son story. The loveable little Nemo is only a figment of Marlin’s imagination. The first piece of evidence we discovered is that Nemo is the sole surviving egg. Think about how unlikely it is that only one egg would survive! Either the barracuda would’ve attacked and killed all the eggs, or he would’ve missed several of them. Also, Marlin only finds the egg after he’s…show more content…
Marlin grabs ahold of a taste bud with one fin and Dory with the other. Dory encourages Marlin to listen to the whale and “JUST LET GO!” Marlin asks how she knows that it will all be okay, to which she responds, “I don’t!” and lets go of Marlin’s fin, dropping into the back of the whale’s throat. Marlin lets go of the taste bud and follows her. The whale ends up blowing them out of his blowhole near the destination that Marlin believes his son to be located. Letting go, in this way, helped him get closer to Finding Nemo, or no one. The last piece of evidence is the ending of the movie. Typically, Disney movies end with a happy reunion of the family, a coming together, a party, or something that involves the comradely after all of the conflicts have been resolved. Nemo does not end in this manner. The final scene with Marlin and Nemo in the movie is the scene of Marlin letting Nemo go to school. He’s slightly anxious to let him go, but relatively calmer to the first attempt. As Nemo swims away with his class, Marlin says, “Goodbye, son,” in a voice not loud enough for Nemo to hear. Notice the choice of words used here! There is no “I’ll see you after school!” or “Have a good time, we’ll visit the sea turtles when you get back!” It’s purely a goodbye. It’s finite. There is no evidence of a life continuing after the school day is over. As Nemo fades into the sea, it’s clear that Marlin is finally letting
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