Essay about Operation Iraqi Freedom: A Strategic assessment

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Operation Iraqi Freedom: A Strategic Assessment

This I’ll admit was a very interesting book that looked at what could have really caused the Iraq war and whether we really had to go to war. The book talks about the flaws with the reasons that Bush proposed for going to war with Iraq and why we haven’t had a fuller victory yet. The book basically goes into details about the four observations that arise from examining certain aspects of the war and afterwards. In the next few pages I’ll be summarizing the book then stating my analysis and opinions about ideas presented in the book.
Veteran defense analyst and AEI resident fellow Thomas Donnelly wants
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The “just in time” nature of the plan (counterinsurgency campaign) magnified minor problems, such as heavy resistance from Saddam’s fedayeen in the south of Iraq or the delays caused by an unexpectedly persistent sandstorm. Some other difficulties were Turkey’s refusal to permit a northern front to the war. Also the fact that a counterinsurgency campaign requires more troops and the Pentagon just didn’t have enough soldiers on the field.
The book went into more detail about the other two observations, but I’ll stop with the facts of the book and move on to the part of this essay where I give and analysis of what I thought about the book.
Overall I thought that the book gave some very convincing theories about the war and it made me understand a lot more about what happened during the war. We only had one view at the war when it was going on and that was from the standpoint of the news stations. I believe it’s always good to have different views on a topic, because then you can really begin to analyze the topic.
As much as I enjoyed the book I believe that it was a little biased, of course every author or news station will show some bias, because they’re people. I felt it was biased though because the author mentioned
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