Operation Iraqi Freedom

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The relationship between the United States and Iraq has been a rather complicated relationship. This relationship can be classified as a roller coaster ride that last through out history. The United States and Iraq relationship became rocky in 1958 when King Faisal was overthrown and Iraq signed with the Soviet Union. Because of the relationship that the United States had with the Soviet Union this made Iraq and the United States relationship a little questionable. In 1967 Iraq broke all ties with the United States when they decided to join ranks in the protest of the United States and Israeli strategic alliance. This decision that the Iraqi made once a country we were allies to a country we do not trust but we will deal with, a country…show more content…
Operation D3esert Shield was known as D-Day, This plan where complete on August 20th, and some of the other plans were for United States aircraft making and “hard initial thrust” against the Iraqi forces for the first seven hours the invasion. Also the plans that the United States had was to provision for land-based aircraft to relocate while the aircraft carriers USS Eisenhower and Independence (14). Operation Desert Shield lasted until October allowing all the aircraft to take their places and get ready for the start of Operation Desert Storm. Operation Desert Storm began January 17th, 1991, with the same mission to go in and set Kuwait free, for their royal family was working as custodians of Islam’s holist shrines, Makkah and Medina. The first weapon that was launch in Operation Desert Storm the TLAM that came from the Red Sea headed towards Baghdad. However it was not the first to hit anything, the Hellfire missile was the first to make an impact causing a gap in the Iraqi’s surveillance radar and the boarders of Saudi Arabia. It also had many more successful hits. Operation Desert Storm lasted forty-three days before the United States. February 7th, 1991, the United States was jointed by Joint Special Operation Task Force with the British. The DIA claim that only sixty Scuds was destroyed and most appeared to be ones of
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