Operation Iraqi Veterans Case Study

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Presenting Problem Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Joshua Adams (26) has been referred to the VA by his friend. Joshua has recently returned home from his second deployment. Returning back to civilian life has been challenging for Joshua and has begun to cause strain in his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Melissa (24). Issues of Crisis and/or Safety Mr. Adams revealed he had seen many deaths during his deployment. On one occasion, he witnessed the death of two Iraqi children who accidently detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) that was planted on the side of the road. Mr. Adams also witnessed the deaths of two close friends during deployment. While talking about his experiences, Mr. Adams stated, “Sometimes it just gets…show more content…
Mr. Adams has no prior history with the VA. It is apparent he has been thinking about seeking help but fears being seen as “weak” by his father, a retired Marine Master Sergeant, and brothers if he was to come to the VA for what he describes as, “head problems.” He reports having chronic headaches, infrequent rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath, and hearing loss. He initially reports feeling, “alright.” Mr. Adams has two older brothers who are Marines. His oldest brother, Jonathan (33), was physically injured in the war. His other brother, Jeremy (29), is preparing to begin his second deployment. Before his deployment tours, Mr. Adams described himself as “very social.” After returning home from his first deployment he stated that he “felt different.” Currently, Mr. Adams reports rarely wanting to socialize with anyone, including friends and family. Mr. Adams tells the worker he feels anxious and nervous, even in small groups. He also reports he and Melissa frequently fight about whether or not to spend time with their family and friends. He reports feeling like he has to make a “threat assessment” of his physical environment, even though he knows he is in a safe area.…show more content…
Adams reports having a short temper • Mr. Adams becomes increasingly nervous and anxious in small group settings • Mr. Adams becomes increasingly agitated when discussing his experience in Iraq • Mr. Adams drinks 6-8 beers on weeknights and a bottle of whiskey every weekend • Mr. Adams has difficulty remembering things and often loses his concentration while reading Treatment Plan 1. Joshua Adams will feel more comfortable discussing his experience in Iraq a. He will attend group therapy with other veterans at the VA once a week for six weeks b. Mr. Adams will write weekly in a journal what he does not feel comfortable discussing out loud. c. Mr. Adams will allow Melissa to read two entries of his journal each month. 2. Mr. Adams will strengthen his recall skills a. Mr. Adams will spend thirty minutes each day completing activities, such as matching flash cards and crossword puzzles to improve his memory and concentration. b. Mr. Adams will recall significant details from his day to Melissa each night for one week. 3. Mr. Adams will strengthen his relationship with his father and his brothers. a. Mr. Adams and his father will agree on one activity to do together each
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