Operation Just Cause- Panama

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Operation Just Cause was not the capture of a man; it was the genocide of a country On December 20 of 1989, 26,000 U.S. troops invaded Panama in ‘‘Operation Just Cause’’ to expel and capture the country's strong man, the former general Manuel Antonio Noriega and destroy his military. No honest Panamanian, no human being can be indifferent to the horror of war, one can justify the thousands of dead innocent civilians. ‘‘Forget Prohibited’’ as many Panamanians says for this day, the world's most powerful country United States of North America, economic and military power was the right throw unwarranted. No declaration of war, to attack and invade a small country of 2 million inhabitants in that time. At 21 years of this momentous event…show more content…
The history was repeated eight decades later, also in 1904, the United States had concluded that the Panamanian army was a factor of socio-political disruption was necessary to eliminate. Certainly, the Republic of Panama paid a heavy price for the excesses of entrenched military regime in power for over two decades and which was the culminating stage narco-dictatorship of Noriega. The secret services of the United States, for which Noriega had worked, were undoubtedly the most responsible for the situation created in Panama. But we must not forget that Carter legitimized the dictatorial and unconstitutional regime subscribing Torrijos in the Torrijos-Carter Treaties. Moreover, Washington sponsored the electoral fraud of 1984 and up to a certain extent the moral corruption and mismanagement, but that was not all. Once the troops invaded Panama and the Defense Force was disintegrated, Americans assumed police functions implementing the order or avoiding the chaos that was produced. The aid pledged for reconstruction was cut by the U.S. Congress to assist Nicaragua. Our country is not even able to recover intact the 375 million that were being held in respect of payments for the Canal and taxes of U.S. companies. United States arranged for a part of it served to pay off part of servicing the external debt had not been paid in recent years.

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