Operation Management And Operations Management

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Operation management

Being an operations manager is not an easy task, it involves good control and responsibilities for the major activities within the organisations in order to achieve goals that might be in form of services or in form of goods. The operation management roles may be different from business to business depending on the size and resources available, each organisation has its own operations functions, and in order to produces goods or services they have to convert the available resources into outputs to its customers or clients. It is a very important area because it determines how good the organisation satisfies their customers.
One of the five performance objectives is flexibility, according to Slack (2013), flexibility means the ability to change the operation in some ways, this may involve changing the timing, and the way of doing things. Flexibility has been regarded as one of the majors points in operations management in order to respond quickly to the market needs (Bordoloi et al., 1999 and Barnes-Shuster et., 2002). Operations flexibility can be considered as a crucial weapon to face the increase of competitiveness in a complex and very hard marketplace (Upton, 1994). Slack also determinates that there are four main types of flexibility which are:
• Product / services flexibility
• Product mix flexibility
• Volume flexibility
• Delivery flexibility
The product and services flexibility is when the organisations are able to

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