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Cadbury World


The service concept of Cadbury World is the form, function and overall purpose of the design and the benefits it will provide to meet the needs and expectations of the customers. By means of form, the overall shape of the service concept is the contemporary leisure experience to permanent exhibition devoted entirely to chocolate but also to have educational value and be guided by the spirit of the old tours. By means of function, the service concept operates in a way of servicing social responsibility and the desire to be a good neighbour. By means of purpose, the service concept is intended to satisfy the adults who fondly remember their childhood tours to Cadbury¡¦s factory visit, the requests from educational
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In addition, the self-service display at the shop is compromised with dependability (the pilferage by children directly affect the stock availability) due to a lack of automated security systems.
Other factors

The location of Cadbury World is far away from town. The coaches often arrive late and miss their agreed times because of the difficulty of estimating the duration of road journeys. This has compromised with speed and dependability as the delay adds to the queues of visitors at the exhibition entrance at busy periods


The process flow chart showing how customers are processed through the operation is shown as following:

The process flow chart suggests that the process design of Cadbury World is product-based layout. It is because the equipments are arranged in a logical sequence and the customers pass from one operation to another in a logical sequence. Hence, the operation is very repeatable and predictable.


The hourly capacities for each operation in 2) above are calculated as following:
The entrance:

15-20 visitors x (60 minutes / 2-1/2 minutes)

= 360-480 visitors per hour

The Marie Cadbury room:

Original design:

(70 visitors x 1/3) x [60 minutes / (5 minutes + 1-2 minutes + 4 minutes)]

= 131-144 visitors per hour

Peak times

70 visitors x [60 minutes / (5 minutes + 1-2 minutes + 4 minutes)]

= 382-420 visitors per hour
The packaging plant:

30 visitors x [60 minutes / (3 minutes + 8 minutes)

= 164 visitors per hour
The demonstration
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