Operation Management: Chapter 7 – Capacity and Facilities Design

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Student name : Student ID : Operation Management: CHAPTER 7 – Capacity and Facilities Design Question 7-8: Facility layout refers to the arrangement of activities, processes, departments, workstations, storage areas, aisles, and common areas within an existing or proposed facility. The basic objective of the layout decision is to ensure a smooth flow of work, material, people and information through the system. We can list five goals of facility layout such as the following: 1. Eliminate wasted or redundant movement We can take Wal-mart as an example. Wal-mart is one company who has a great successful by using process layout. They group similar activities together in departments according to the process or function they perform. Each…show more content…
The advantage of this layout is its efficiency and ease to use. It avoids production bottlenecks and there is an economy in manufacturing time. The disadvantage is inflexibility. Significant changes in product design may require that a new assembly line be built and new equipment be purchased. Any breakdown of equipment along the production line can be disrupting the whole system. Fixed position layout: A fixed-position layout is appropriate for a product that is too large or too heavy to move. In this type of layout, the materials or major components remains in a fixed location, & tools, machinery & men as well as other pieces of material are brought to this location. The movement of men & machines is advisable as the cost of moving them would be lesser. This is fallowed in manufacturing of bulky & heavy products, such as, construction of buildings, locomotives, ships, boilers, aircraft & generators. Due to the nature of the product, the user has little choice in the use of a fixed-position layout. Disadvantages include: * Space. For many fixed-position layouts, the work area may be crowded so that little storage space is available. This also can cause material handling problems. * Administration. Oftentimes, the administrative burden is higher for fixed-position layouts. The span of control can be narrow, and coordination difficult. Cellular layout: Cellular manufacturing is a

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