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Coursework of Operations Management Comparison and contrast of operation problems among Executive Holloware ltd., Oilpartz ltd. and London zoo Summary In this article, three operations management related cases are studied and analysed. The writer compares and contrasts similarities and differences in these cases in the following aspects: the transformation process model, types of operations, the objectives of operations. By looking into more detailed problems in each case, those more complex items such as quality improvement, process planning, capacity planning, scheduling/loading, are also illustrated. And finally, some key factors concerned with operations improvement and strategy are given to the cases. Operations management is the term…show more content…
The variation dimension The customer numbers in London Zoo are greatly affected by factors such as holidays, weather, London Zoo accordingly has to change its capacity, managers will sometimes have to anticipate the visitors figure, thus the variation dimension of it is high. While, Executive Holloware Oilpartz Ltd processes with moderate-variation. The visibility dimension As we mentioned before, the goods of Oilpartz Ltd and Executive Holloware is low-customer contact, their visibility dimension is thus low-visibility. By providing face-to-face service to customers, London Zoo has a high-visibility. The Objectives of operations Every company, no matter what goods or service they provide with to their customers, has its own operations objectives. Basically, there are five 'performance objectives ' and they apply to all types of operations. ________You would want to do things right; that is , you would not want to make mistakes, and would want to satisfy your customers by providing error-free goods and services which are 'fit for their purpose '. This is giving a quality advantage to your company 's customers. ________You would what to do things fast, minimizing the time between a customer asking for goods or services and the customer receiving them in full, thus increasing the availability of your goods and services and giving your customers a speed advantage. ________You

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