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1.0 Introduction Customer call centers are increasingly playing a crucial role in providing higher customer satisfaction (Anton, 1997). Many business organizations have invest heavily in call centers as they see it as an effective way to keep customer satisfied as well as gaining competitive advantages. The purpose of this study is to critically access the operational method and strategies adopted in a technical support department of a call center in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction. The selected organization is a multinational information technology (IT) corporation from the United State. The company provides IT related hardware and services to home and business users across 120 countries. It has about hundred thousand…show more content…
2.1 Technical support department The technical support department consists of sixty technical support representatives (TSR) that divided into five teams. The primary role of TSR is to diagnose and provide guidance and solution to customers that are having issue with their devices. The contact method is via inbound calls where customers dial into a given toll free number. The department is in charge of twelve countries in Asia pacific. The department is not a revenue generator but it plays a significant role in providing customer satisfaction. It works hand in hand with sales and marketing, and customer service department as the customer facing role. 2.2 Who are the customers? Customers are users with issue or problem with their purchased devices. Normally, customers who dialed into technical support are in dissatisfied, impatient, frustrated or helpless stages due to the issues they are having with their devices. Thus, their expectation and demand are often high and seek to get the problem solved immediately. Thus, speed and service quality become the critical order winning factors. Slack et al. (2010) noted that order winning factors are those things which directly and significantly contribute to winning business. Price is a less important factor at this point because customers have already paid for the service package upon purchased of the device. 2.21 Speed The speed mentioning here refers to two things; Firstly, how

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