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OPERATION MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION: KFC is one of the largest franchise company. One of the branch of KFC consists of 100 employees. This business report critically underpin the issues which emerge during the processes, designs and supply chain of the business. It will also unveil that how can KFC become the market leader and gain the competitive advantage over all the rivals. It also reveal that brand name like KFC can increase the productivity, market share avoid wastage. How can it become the cost effective specially, in this highly competitive environment. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: According to the (Mintzberg, 2008) KFC has an open system and highly divisional organization. This,…show more content…
Greeting Phone call Of customers Request type Cancel order Place order Specific order type Page4 Operation Management Variety of different products conversation with speaker FLOW CHART PROCESS MAP THIS DIAGRAM As above figure shows the systematic approach of taking order. However, this system can often become a complete mess. Due to corrupted software application that makes whole system collapse. Henceforth, customer order delayed, labour becomes idol, cost increased. Another reason, which may cause problems in operations, is prank calls. Much of the capital lost because of this reason. Further, operation in KFC can be examined with the help of process chart, which is available in the appendix. Successful organization understand the reality that process perspective in understanding it’s supply network running their operations and managing all their individual processes without this they could not have sustained it’s strategic impact of stiff competition. SUMMARY Activity NO. Of steps Time Distance (Min)/sec (ft) 7 0.30 4.0 4 1.50 5.0 2 2.0 7.0

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