Operation Management Mc Donalds

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Introduction 1
Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM’s Key Elements 2
Supply Chain Management: Perspectives and Challenges 3
The McDonald’s Company Background 4
McDonald’s Business Strategy Overview 5
Supply Chain Analysis. Methods’ and Models’ Overview 5
Analysis of McDonald’s Supply Chain 7
Recommendations 9
McDonald’s Supply Chain Assessment Criteria 12
Conclusion 14
References 15
Declaration of Honesty 18


Introduced in 1982 by Booz Allen Hamilton’s consultant Keith Oliver (Jacoby, 2009), the term ‘supply chain management’ has become one of the most broadly used in modern management theory and practice. The rapid evolution of this management branch combined with a continuously
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The optimization of manufacturing process will, most obviously, result in higher level of automation, cheaper inputs, and waste elimination (Seghal, 2011), thus ensuring the company’s significant cost advantage.
A thorough analysis of all the main supply chain components promotes efficiency advantage – the provision of higher throughput by superior business processes (Seghal, 2011).
The continuous monitoring and manufacturing process results in the production of high quality products at the most competitive prices. This is one of the most important benefits of a deliberately established supply chain ensuring quality advantage. At the same time, modern supply chain management practice faces the variety of challenges predetermined by the continuously changing economic environment. The global economic downturn characterized by high fuel costs, credit crunch, reduced consumers’ purchasing power, and depression fears (LTD Management, 2012), revealed the low efficiency and competiveness of ‘traditional’ supply chain, involving supply management specialists into the process of search and the introduction of new supply chain alternatives.
Modernization of logistics, which was laid down in the ’60s’ and ‘70s’ (Business Finance, 2008), became the priority of the world’s leading management theorists and practitioners. The process of modernization was closely connected with the introduction
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