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“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success”, Stephen R Covey once said. Operations management is in charge of customers’ needs and satisfaction. Its aim is to live up to its existence. The reason of its existence is to succeed in purchases, products quality, quality control, stockpiling and logistics. All this accomplished, the results are bound to be remarkable.

Zara is an illustrative example of the correct operations management. The first shop was set up in La Coruna and so far sixty eight countries have had their own Zara store. This progress happened very fast and successfully. We can all understand that the system of Zara works properly and people of Zara do their work effectively. The way they design, they produce, they sell things is surely the appropriate. Moreover, there is a wide variety of products every season which leads to its constant success.
( "How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer". The New York Times. 9 November 2012)

Zara is a dress retailer who has taken another approach in the business. It was established by Amancio Ortega in 1963 in Spain. Its guardian organization is claimed 60% INDITEX by the Ortega family and Inditex has completed in 2005 to 6.741 billion
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Hence, they oversaw by one means or another to democratize extravagance maker of items propelled by the development of design. With this approach, Zara is presently an industry fit for offering popular items at reasonable costs. Then again, it is an organization that needs to be near to youngsters. Additionally, this yearning is felt in its enrollment arrangement. Zara youthful workers with styles extremely checked design. On the other hand, Zara comprehends what precisely the clients need and react to their needs rapidly. That is the primary mystery of Zara, which issues them an upper

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