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Final Exam This exam is to be completed as an individual assignment. Each question is from a corresponding chapter. For example, question 1 is from Chapter 1 and so on. Write 2-3 paragraphs for each of the four questions you choose to answer. In addition to your textbook, you should use and cite at least one other credible source and/or case study for each of the four questions you answer. 1. Select two of the "principles of communication" explained in your text. For each of your chosen principles, (a) define it in your own words, (b) illustrate it with an experience from your own life, (c) cite recommendations from sources outside of your textbook and (d) explain how you can use it to improve your own communication. 2.…show more content…
Be sure to include industry-specific questions for the company you’ve chosen. 7. Assume you are in the middle of an employment interview for an administrative assistant's job. You've been a stay-at-home dad (or mom) for the past 10 years, but during the last 2 years you completed an online training program with high grades. During the interview, the interviewer states, “I see you've been at home for 10 years with no real organizational experience.” Write an answer in the first person that demonstrates your ability to turn this negative perception into a positive one. 8. Imagine you are a member of a group that exhibits very little cohesiveness and disagrees on most issues. Identify three actions you would recommend to promote greater cohesion? Explain why you would recommend these actions. 9. Deborah Tannen writes: “Why should meetings be so frustrating? A large source of dissatisfaction is the conviction that your time is being taken up without obvious results; another is the feeling that you are not being heard. In that sense, meetings are a pressure-cooker microcosm of the workplace: A diverse group of people, with their own ideas, comes together to get a job done.” Discuss Tannen’s comments. Suggest guidelines from your text that could help alleviate the two sources of frustration she writes about. 10. Select two organizational patterns for informative speeches and two organizational patterns for persuasive speeches. Identify the key elements

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