Operation Management

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F&N suppliers requirements :
1) Lower cost of ingredients
2) Quality aluminum, glass, plastic bottle
3) Accurate supply and no out of stock
F&N end customer requirements :
1) taste 2) flavor 3) thirst 4) nice packaging
The organization that I would like to highlight is F&N Beverages (M) Sdn Bhd. This company is one of the biggest manufacturers of beverages and isotonic drinks in Malaysia. The brands under the belt of this company are 100 Plus, Coca Cola, F&N Orange Juice and many others well known established sub brands.

Conversion/ Transformation Process from F&N end user to its suppliers via Product Planning and Marketing Team

New isotonic products that will have the greatest taste and flavor. It also able to quench
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This is done by increasing factory space or engaging state of the art technology of production process.
Refer to option (i), company may wants to increase the production of their products while constantly maintaining the resources such as factory size, workforce or capital expenditure. For example, Panasonic (M) Sdn Bhd can increase the production of LCD TV by practicing and embracing the Just In Time (JIT) or Total Quality Management (TQM) in its production process. The usage of these methods continuously will reduce cost and maximize output for Panasonic LCD TV.
For option (ii), the company may wants to decrease the input of resources such as workforce, capital or factory while constantly maintaining the output or productions. For example, Panasonic (M) Sdn Bhd can reduce the number of workforce from 500 staffs to 100 staffs by building a computerized manufacturing system for the long term goal of achieving increase of productivity. This in long run will reduce the cost associated on employee wages and benefits. A computerized manufacturing system can also minimized defects or poor quality associated with extensive use of manual labors.
For option (iii), the company may decide to increase the production faster and at a greater proportion compare to the increase of input or raw material. For example, Panasonic may decide to operate in a bigger manufacturing plant that has the state of art facility in

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