Operation Management at Hard Rock Cafe Essay

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On June 14, 1971 the first Hard Rock Café opened its doors in London, England. The small pub soon became a popular attraction with its rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. It is now located in 40 different countries with 121 restaurants. To have become such a success, management has carefully applied the 10 decisions of operation management. First, in order to provide the best experience for customers, human resources, carefully chooses the staff it hires for their passion of music and their desire to serve. Hard Rock Café carefully trains and develops their crew to excite the customers and provide entertainment. The enthusiasm of the entire staff as they engage the customers is one of the reasons people keep going back. Scheduling the large …show more content…
Quality evaluates the food and service regularly by surveying the customers on their satisfaction on a scale of 1-7. If the food or service does not rank a 7, it is considered a failure. Supply management assists in product design and managing quality by only ordering from qualified suppliers that have proven that they have needed ingredients and that they deliver on time. To make sure that customers are attracted to the Hard Rock Café, management has developed a smart location strategy. Before deciding on a location, they will carefully research a market and look for an exact location. They will also study the timing to make sure that the economy will support a new café in that area. Once a café is opened, it is watched carefully and process and capacity design will modify the menu, inventory, and layout as customer’s tastes change. Productivity of the kitchen staff and wait staff at Hard Rock café is determined by the use of the surveys that are given to the customers. If the staff does not earn a 7, they have not properly done their job. Also, how efficiently a table is turned or served and emptied would reflect on the production of the wait staff. When a service company such as Hard Rock Café applies the 10 decisions of operational management to its business, it is looking to run a business that will entertain the customers and keep them coming back. All the decisions are made based on what does the customer want to
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