Operation Management of Ikea

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Executive Summary: This report is about operational aspects. We have selected Hannan Prints, the manufacturing firm to analyse the supply chain. This paper scrutinize the crucial aspects of Hannan prints supply chain network, its plans and the implementation of strategy. By putting into practice different supply chain approaches, the firm will increase the benefits of supply chain network. In this report we have focused on supply chain inventory management and technology selection practices and how it is beneficial for the firm. In the firm operations are linked with different strategies. For example the change in supply chain has an effect on inventory management as well as technology selections. At the end we have given some…show more content…
Flexibility saves time, maintains dependability and it accelerate responses. The low cost is attractive as no one likes to pay more. Hannan print always tries to reduce costs by proving quality of products or services, by speedy work, dependability and flexibility. They manage inventory and use proper resources that save time and money. Theoretical Framework: First of all, Hannan Print makes sure that all the staffs are encouraged and they contribute to the process. Secondly, it examines and improves operations practices on a regular basis. Further more, they monitor and improve service quality which they provide to customers. Not only that, but they are also working hard to replace the product as per customer’s requirements in order to save time and cost. Lastly with a view to provide faster and safer service the company working very hard to keep the premises clean and tidy all the time particularly the storage area as it is the part form where the goods are delivered. The company has good arrangement of working departments. For example they have packing and despatching department so close that they can transfer the goods in between those department very easily. This is the time saving and cost saving approach adopted by the company. Supply chain management and inventory management are also important parts of operation management. Supply chian management is the management that assists in finding solutions, grabbing

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