Operation Mincemeat Ben Macintyre

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Operation Mincemeat was written by Ben Macintyre, a writer for the Times of London, and an author whose works are mainly on the espionage aspect of the Allied war effort in World War II, especially the use of double agents. Macintyre became interested in Operation Mincemeat while conducting research for another book on Eddie Chapman, a British double agent. He was specifically drawn to Ewen Montagu, one of the masterminds behind this operation. Although Montagu had written a book about these events, titled The Man Who Never Was in 1953, Macintyre understood that certain details were omitted from the published work as it first had to be authorized by the Joint Intelligence Committee. In order to fill in the gaps in Montagu’s book, Macintyre began to search for the classified documents pertaining to the operation, which he eventually obtained after contacting Montagu’s son. In fact, Macintyre eventually obtained Montagu’s letters, his unpublished autobiography and the uncensored version of his original book, which would be the sources of information for his new book on Operation Mincemeat. Another factor that led him to write this book was the lack of material on this secret operation available to the public, partly due to the British government’s unwillingness to divulge these classified operations from the war for almost fifty years. With the relaxing of these restrictions by the government, Macintyre felt it was time to paint the complete picture of the events surrounding

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