Operation Of Health Care System

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OPERATION OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM The medical system in Cuba is a national priority, it provides care to every citizens. It is primary care based, which means that team of doctors and nurses are in every part of the country and are responsible for the health of a geographically defined population of 800-1800 people. Most of the frequent visitors and people with chronic diseases, usually they spent half the day consulting people in office and other half for the home visit. They are expected to be available for the patients in their community 24 – 7 for any urgent cases. Some of the doctors in these settings are residents in the second of their two-year FM residency, and they include those from other countries whose governments permit…show more content…
Health care system is structured on two levels. Level 1: Primary health care • Family doctor unit • Polyclinics (includes dental care) • Specialty institution • Mother’s home • Grandparents home • Community mental health clinic Level 2: Secondary health care • Inpatient hospital • Inpatient nursing homecare One of the key differences between the US health system and Cuba health system is that Cuba focuses on preventing diseases rather than treating the diseases. And everyone will be having family physician and nurses. For the Cuba health system there are no private hospitals, all hospitals and clinics are controlled by the government and people are given access to the system without any cost. Every patient are visited by the family physician at home once in a year, one with chronic disease will be visited frequently. If it is necessary patients are referred for specialty evaluation, but after the evaluation they will come back to the community team for ongoing treatment. This prevention orientation structure has produced positive result for the Cuba. Vaccination rates in Cuba is the highest in world. The infant mortality rate fallen from 80 per 1000 live births to 5 per 1000, lower than US. PRINCIPLE OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM The principle that govern the public health system in Cuba are: • The public and social nature of the medicine • Access to services at no cost • Preventive
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