Operation Of Health Care System

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OPERATION OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM The medical system in Cuba is a national priority, it provides care to every citizens. It is primary care based, which means that team of doctors and nurses are in every part of the country and are responsible for the health of a geographically defined population of 800-1800 people. Most of the frequent visitors and people with chronic diseases, usually they spent half the day consulting people in office and other half for the home visit. They are expected to be available for the patients in their community 24 – 7 for any urgent cases. Some of the doctors in these settings are residents in the second of their two-year FM residency, and they include those from other countries whose governments permit residency training in Cuba. Development in the health care system in Cuba based on following assumption • Health is responsibility of the state • Health is a social issue • Health is national priority As a socialist country, its centralized nature exceeds that seen in more commonly described wealthy Western European nations, and it provides care to everyone, which shows that the health care is given priority more than anything and people are given access to the health system which is free of cost. But it also limit access to some of the procedure which can be afforded by the rich people. The health statistics are excellent, several indicators, including infant mortality 4.8/1000 in 2013 which is better than in the US. BASIS OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM The

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