Operation Of Operation Eagle Claw

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Many American hostage lives were on the line with just one military operation to save and bring them home. Yet, the failure of Operation Eagle Claw brought death to military personnel and shame to America. Operation Eagle Claw was a mission to end the hostage crisis in Iran which was in a political upraise against the United States. The planning of Operation Eagle Claw was too complex and planners over looked the military aviation doctrine to hastily get the hostages to safety. Operation Eagle Claw’s failure was due to prolonged American evacuation from Iran which led to a hasty complex plan that did not keep aviation doctrine in consideration which helped us learn how we need to rethink and conduct large scale military aviation…show more content…
For days, military flights brought thousands of Americans out of Iran and into safe countries until on February 10th 1979, Iranians closed the Mehrahad Airport putting a halt on the evacuation of Americans. In response, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were planning and organizing a rescue and support mission to the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Before the rescue and evacuation mission could begin, armed Iranians took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 102 Americans hostage. Khomeini security returned the hostages and embassy while also getting the airport to be reopened.2 On November 4th 1979, Iranian revolutionary students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Teheran and took 52 Americans and some military personnel hostage. The students would only release the hostages if America would hand over the Shah to receive trial and most likely execution along with no more interfering in Iranian affairs.3 Many rescue mission attempts, blocking resources, and compromising with Iran gave little to no hope to retrieve the hostages and bring piece. “Under enormous political pressure, on November 12th, President Jimmy Carter ordered the pentagon to begin drawing up plans for a daring – read: foolhardy – rescue mission codenamed “Operation Eagle Claw”.4 The President and Joint Chiefs of Staff needed to come up with a tentative plan fast for the American population who were upset with the hostage crisis
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