Operation Red Wings As A Multi Phase Joint Military Operation

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Operation Red Wings was an operation that took place on June 27th, 2005 in northeastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province. The Afghan Parliamentary elections were scheduled for September of 2005, and Red Wings was supposed to disrupt insurgent activity in the area. The operation, had it gone as planned, would have helped bring stability to the region and facilitated successful elections later that year. Red Wings was supposed to be a multi-phase joint military operation. It was planned by the Marines to be executed by SOF and Marines jointly. Due to bad planning, decision making and resource management, the operation was a failure and never made it past the first phase. Phase one consisted of inserting a four man SEAL team into the Pech…show more content…
The team observed the NAI for the first few hours on the 28th. They continued to try and get communications with their higher headquarters. That afternoon when they were observing, the team heard footsteps and when they realized an unsuspecting group of goat and sheep herders had walked up on their position, they took action. They immediately surrounded the three Afghans. The team realized they had been compromised and discussed their options. They worried that if they let the men go, they would alert Shah and his men of their location. They could not kill unarmed civilians because ROE prohibited it. It is debated how the decision was made via vote or other means, but ultimately the team ended up letting the men leave to walk back down the mountainside. Because they had been spotted, the team immediately grabbed their gear and relocated to a previous location that they had found unsuitable for observing the village. It had been several hours since the release of the three men. They assumed the sheep herders did not give away their position until they began to hear footsteps to the rear and flank of their position. The team estimated a group of approximately 80 men at first. Shah had positioned his men above the SEALS and to the flank taking advantage of the team’s poor location on the side of Sawtalo Sar. His men also had reliable communications and the SEAL team had still been unable
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