Operation Reinhard Holocaust

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In the time of the Holocaust, operation wasn’t one of the things you would like to hear if you were mainly a Jew, Pole, Roma, or Soviet prisoner. The name “Operation Reinhard” represents as a code name for the murdering of Jews that were living in the general government by the start of the year of 1942. There were 434 men working in the in the operation when it was active. The operation lasted for about an estimate of one year and nine months. SS Reinhard Heydrich is the person who this operation named after, which died one month after the operation was complete. When it was the recommended time for their dead prisoners to be gone, the only way SS officers thought of to rid the traces of the corpses was by incinerating them. This operation…show more content…
Operation Reinhard main purpose was to construct concentration centered to force Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Poles, and Soviet prisoners of war into doing work until they couldn’t do any more work, then they killed them. “In total, the SS and the police killed approximately 1.7 million Jews as part of Operation Reinhard, which also included unknown numbers of Poles, Roma, and Soviet prisoners of war.” (Operation Reinhard (Einsatz Reinhard)). One way the Jews, Roma, etc. were exterminated were gas chambers they were designed as “low, long, and broad buildings that were built of grey concrete and had a flat roof made of roofing felt, with a net over it covered with branches. The steps led into a dark, empty corridor which was very long, but only 1.5 m. wide. On both sides of it were the doors to the gas chambers, they were wooden doors that were 1 m. wide. The chambers were 1.5 m. above the ground and were lower than normal rooms, no higher than 2 m. Outside the building was a 2 by 2 m. shed which housed the gas machine.” (Operation Reinhard - The Camps of Belzec, Sobibor & Treblinka | Jewish Virtual Library). The other main ways for killing the “unworthy” were by shooting, carbon monoxide, and gas vans on top of many different killing styles. “In all three camps, Trawniki-trained guards, supervised by Operation Reinhard staff, murdered their victims by using carbon monoxide gas generated by stationary engines and pumped into gas chambers.” (Operation Reinhardt (Einsatz
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