Operation Safety Net Is A Local Program For The City Of Pittsburgh

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Operation Safety Net is a local program for the city of Pittsburgh that strives to better the lives of individuals who are homeless. As described on the program’s website, Operation Safety Net provides its consumers with necessary health care and an increase of hope and self-esteem (Operation Safety Net, 2015). This program has proven to help close the critical health inequity of homeless individuals living without healthcare. Healthy People 2020 define a health disparity as, “a particular type of health difference that is closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage.” (Disparities, para 6, 2015). This includes individuals having access to safe housing, culturally aware health care professionals and the opportunity to have health insurance. Therefore, there is a clear rationale for the Operation Safety Net program to be assisting people in Pittsburgh experiencing these inequities. Operation Safety Net is funded by the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System through the Sisters of Mercy (Operation Safety Net, 2015). The Sisters of Mercy have been in the United States and in Pittsburgh since 1843 serving the poor through several social justice efforts. Also, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System funds several large initiatives in Pittsburgh including Mercy Behavioral Health (About Us, 2015). Based on the history and credibility Pittsburgh Mercy Health System has in this region, it is viable that Operation Safety Net will be funded long-term. Furthermore, the
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