Operation Sea Lion Essay

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Hilter, having restrained Western Europe, turned his focus to Britain. Operation ‘Sea-Lion’ had been planned with German troops landing in England through amphibious operations. For the amphibious operation to succeed, control of air over parts of England had to be established by Luftwaffe. This is how the Battle of Britain came about. Britain witnessed sustained and massive offensive counter air operations by Luftwaffe who tried to defeat and neutralise Britain’s Royal Air Force. German ground bombers attacked fighter bases, air defence network, command and control centres, logistic dumps while German fighters engaged British fighters over England in a now or never fight. Even though Germany lacked heavy bombers, by September 1940, Luftwaffe…show more content…
In retaliation, the Royal Air Force bomber command performed a lone raid of Berlin during the battle which enraged Hitler so much that he ordered a switch from counter air operations against Royal Air Force to attacks on London’s civilian population. The order imposed by Hilter was indeed a huge relief as the direct pressure on the Royal Air Force fighter command had been lifted which resulted in giving them the opportunity to regroup and inflict very heavy casualties on the German bombers which ultimately led Hitler to call off the air campaign. Failure of Luftwaffe to win the air fight over England led to Operation Sea Lion being scrapped with Hitler focusing his attention to Russia. Indeed, Britain paid heavily in terms of civilian casualties during the attacks but the survival of Royal Air Force resulted in the even success for Britain in resisting the German…show more content…
Firstly, it is essential to win the control of air for any modern land or sea offensive. Secondly, Luftwaffe’s shortage in heavy long range bombers, which could possibly have continued Germany’s strategic bombing offensive was a key factor in Britain’ defeat over them. Lastly this campaign invalidated the theories of Giulo Douhet and William Mitchell about heavy aerial bombardment of civilian centres resulting in rapid loss of confidence leading to the nation’s defeat. One can see that the early air power dream and image had highly misjudged the willpower of human race to defy defeat by
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