Operation Stalemate : Battle Of Peleliu

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Operation STALEMATE: Battle of Peleliu

As Hitler rose to power in Germany, the hegemons within the international system came together for the second Great War. Beginning in 1939, European nations engaged in brutal warfare to contain the expanding power of Germany, but failed to do so. As only a supporting role, the United States provided indirect aid to Allied Powers until what seemed to be the impossible: a surprise attack launched by Japan on an American naval base. After Pearl Harbor in 1941, the U.S. officially declared war. Although the priority of offensive attacks was focused on Germany in Europe, the war in the Pacific was full of major campaigns and is a vital part of U.S. history. Moving through the Pacific, United States forces would strategically island hop throughout the Philippines and move towards the main land of Japan. It was during this campaign that one of the most controversial battles took place. On 15 SEPT 1944, the United States 1st Marine Division trudged through the coastal waters to the shores of Peleliu, unaware of the forces that lay before them. Due to the mass amount of casualties, the lack of strategic importance, and conflict between leadership: the Battle of Peleliu is seen to be one of the most controversial battles in American history. The conquest towards capturing the island of Peleliu had its origins in MacArthur’s overall operation of invading, and taking control of, the Philippines. While moving through the Pacific theater, the…
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