Operation Strategy: Samsung Essay

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Samsung The philosophy of Samsung is “devoting of human resource and technology in the creation of products services which are superior hence contributing to a better global society. Under the philosophy Samsung has adopted a strategy which based on sport in the brand building. The firm acknowledges the basic role which is played by sports and by the Olympic Games as a promoter of its brand. Its management states that its strategy of sports sponsoring which fits well within their operations at Samsung is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. As they enter into the top plans propels the sponsorship of Samsung to a new era. It has been given an opportunity of acting on the same stage with the top brands of the world like IBM, Coca…show more content…
For instance the sync master series of LCD monitors which was lauded for being simple design and went on winning several awards. There was gain of popularity for LCD, TVs and plasma as the popularity of bulkier projection TV was fading away. Due to this the Samsung team of design started to work on developing a slim projection TV which was based on digital light processing technology. This resulted into a highly acclaimed HLP series of DLP TVs which contained the processing engine standing upright and functioning as a pedestal base. As the Samsung brand advance into the global market it has being utilizing aggressively China as a center of production. It has increased its production, operate R&D centers and securing excellent human resources which include increasing of facilities of production; establishment of related R&D centers like communication research centers when they build factories; securing high quality human resources under the initiatives of the head offices. There is also an implementation of a strategy that emphasizes on brand so as to differentiate the product of the company with others. Samsung is adopting a two-way selling strategy; this entails export of products which are made in China and domestic sales in China which is conducted mainly by subsidiaries amongst the local sellers. Also increasing of the market share of products in every country and expanding of sales of high-end products; this involves
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