Operation Strategy Within an Organization

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Operation Strategy within an Organization
Raven Davis
MGT 4850

Operation Strategy within an Organization Operation strategy has been defined as “the development of a long term plan for using the major resources of the firm for a high degree of culpability between these resources and the firm’s long term corporate strategy.” (Davis, 2007) Operation strategy is a very important function for any organization. Operation strategy is the link that brings all of an organizations processes and value chains together. As a result the value chain will expand pass the walls of the organization, which includes suppliers and customers. What is operation strategy across the organization? So, what priorities are used within the operation strategy?
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When it comes to the internal customers they also want consistency in the output of internal or external suppliers. Managers need to design and monitor processes to reduce errors, with the efforts of competing on a consistent basis. (Krajewski, 2007) How does time play a role in this? Time is precious to everyone, so we have to value someone else’s time. When it comes to customers it is not a question that each person wants their time to be respected. There is an old saying, “Time is money”. The statement means a lot to so many types of people or firms. A firm is about making the money, so every thing that is going on the walls of the establishment is about making money. Time consists of delivery speed, on-time delivery, and development speed. • Delivery speed is the ability to quickly fill the order of the customer. This time is measured from the time the receipt of the customer’s order and the process of filling the order. • On-time delivery is the ability to meet the promise of a delivery at a specified time. Example: Domino’s Pizza once promised a 30 minute delivery or purchase was free. Domino’s Pizza states, because safety is a priority, "You Got 30 Minutes™" is not a guarantee, but an estimate. This statement clearly let the customers know that the on-time delivery is not guaranteed. • Development speed is the act of quickly introducing a new service or product.
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