Operation Strategy of Coca Cola

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The Coca Cola Company one of the most popular soft drinks manufacturers in the world. Founded by Dr. John Styth Pemberton, who produced the cola flavoured syrup which is mixed with carbonated water. The beverage was first sold through a soda fountain in a Jacob’s pharmacy; Atlanta, Georgia. In 1893, seven years after first being invented, when Coca cola was registered with the United States Patent office. Today 10450 soft drink manufactured by the Coca Cola company are consumed every second the day. Coca Cola manufactures More than 21 different brands of beverages from bottled water to a good old coke, the most popular being coke.

The Coca cola’s target market is basically everyone. However, their biggest focus are people
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Coca Cola may have different customer requirements then the next company. Therefore we have spoken to some customers who are buyers of the Coca Cola company as well as interviews with employees to see whether their opinion of customer requirements relates to what the actual customer wants.

Coca Cola’s view on customer requirements:

Customers and their requirements from the Coca cola company:
Based on the research we have done regarding the customers requirements for the Coca Cola company we have find that they are very specific in what they require from the company. When we talk about customers of Coca Cola we don’t just talk about the customer that walks into the retail shop and buy a few quantities of the product. We are more focused on the retailers, the restaurants and the small businesses that buy this product in bulk. So when we are focusing on the customer requirements we look into what it is that they expect from the Coca Cola company. As our findings have showed, these customers are always seeking ways to reduce costs, improve/increase sales as well as provide better quality and more diverse products to the consumers who in the ends decide whether the product meets their needs or not.

Coca Cola works together with their customers trying to meet their anticipating demands and interests and to proactively deliver solutions to their businesses. As above stated, one can see that the customers (small business, restaurants and
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