Operation Urgent Fury

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Their mission was to stop a Cuban inspired coupe and also to rescue stranded American students on the island of Grenada. Grenada, a small Caribbean island in the lesser Antilles is well known for their spices, their tropical climate, and being the smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere, was about to face the United State’s in one of the shortest wars of the twentieth century. This was also the United State’s most recent war after their failure in the Vietnam War. The mission in Grenada took a total of four days to complete, resulting in the deaths of nineteen American soldiers, forty-five Grenadians, and twenty-four Cubans. Although the operation was short and the casualties were small compared to previous conflicts with the United States, the impact it left on the tiny country of Grenada, as well as the rest of the Caribbean was quite large, strangling the spread of communism in the backdoor of the United States. The successful invasion of Grenada eventually lead to the small island no longer being under Communist rule, and once again having their own prime minister. This then strengthened America’s influence of foreign governments, creating a democratic government in Grenada. Grenada, like many Caribbean islands, had a large amount of its history shrouded in slavery. It was not until…
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