Operation Valhall An Operation Of The Iraqi Army Special Forces

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Operation Valhalla was an operation that was conducted in Operation Iraqi Freedom by US Army Special Forces in order to train the Iraqi Army Special Forces unit in order combat the insurgency that was seen in the Iraqi operations that were common occurrence. What had ensued during Operation Valhalla, the two Special Forces Unit (both US Army SF and Iraqi SF) had taken the fight to Jaish Al Mahdi, in order to stop the terror group conducting actions of murder and terror within the area of operations. What had occurred during this engagement was an overwhelming fight that resulted in the defeat of Jaish Al-Mahdi as well as recovering a hostage. This was a success for the two SF units, but what occurred after a media battle or intention to use Information Operations in order to discredit these units. (Dauber 2009, pg. 1-2)
After the engagement of the Jaish Al-Mahdi fighters, the insurgents had conducted deception operations in order to discredit these units by removing the weapons used by these fighters. (Dauber 2009, pg. 1-2) More condemning was media releases by the insurgents of these fighters being put into a position that was reminiscent of the fighters appearing to have fallen during prayer not during battle against the SF units. Where this had also created large problems, was that the media releases had left the forces having to defend their actions in order to ensure that the civilian population as well as the host nation forces, didn’t lose support or have loss of…
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